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Fundraising Opportunity

We can help your group or club team raise funds with our ecommerce activewear store in three simple steps.

1.) We create a coupon code specific to your club.

2.) Your group or club gets the word out to friends and family by phone, email, text, social media, etc.,

3.) Your friends and family makes a purchase from and the club gets a percentage of all sales using that coupon code.


In addition, the code can include an automatic discount at checkout to those buying on the site making the incentive even more attractive. It is very simple to setup, takes little time or effort on the group or clubs board or members/players part and you get great results generating funds. You can run it for any length of time you want. One week, one month, one semester, or one school year or ongoing. Or you can run it for shorter intermittent times.

Look around our store. We have over 1300 products for men and women. Who doesn’t like shopping for themselves while helping in fundraising too!


We can also offer the following:

• A free customized club email campaign to all of your players and parents if you would like help getting the word out.

• Flyer that can be sent out to all members, parents and players for them to share and/or print.

• One free design for your social media posts.


This is a great way to raise money with very little effort, and it absolutely works!

Please use our contact form for additional information and details.

We would love to offer this opportunity to your club. It’s a win-win for all!

For more information, simply fill out and submit the form.